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Life is riddled with ups and downs. In fact, many residents in the Kenosha area may experience numerous down points each year. Some of these downturns may be relatively minor and easy to navigate through with a little patience, but others may require more creative thinking and perseverance on your part to get through. Many stressful situations are related to finances in some way. For example, a sudden and serious injury may result in pain and suffering, and it may mean that you must be cooped up in bed for awhile to recover. In addition to these unpleasant issues, you may also be financially stressed because of the extra medical bills combined with your inability to work and earn income. It can be difficult to concentrate on anything else when you are concerned about how you will make ends meet in situations like these. Remember that an injury or illness situation is just one of many life experiences that may result in financial turmoil. At Kenosha Title Lending, we regularly work with local residents who are dealing with these types of situations. Through our title loansin Kenosha, we can give you a cash loan that is based on the equity in your car. While you may not be familiar with auto title loans now, a closer review of our loan program may give you hope that an easy solution is available.

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About Kenosha Title Lending

While our primary goal at Kenosha Title Lending is to help our customers overcome current situations that are creating financial stress, we are also focused on providing customers with superior customer service and excellent loan terms. Another goal is to be responsive to loan requests so that we can get money in your hands as soon as possible. You can see that you can expect a truly great lending experience when you apply for car title loans in Kenosha, WI with us.

How it Works?

One of the unique factors that may make our company your top choice for a title lender is our local office. Numerous title lenders offer Kenosha car title loans, but most of these companies have offices located far away. Some may not even have a public or open office that you could visit if you wanted to. At Kenosha Title Lending, we are ready to provide you with personal assistance in our local office. Many busy loan applicants appreciate the ability to complete the loan application online, we also offer the opportunity to get assistance in our office during regular operational hours.

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How an Auto Title Loan Works

Auto title loans Kenosha are very similar to other loans that you may have experience with, but there are some important differences that you should understand before you apply. Your car will be a source of collateral, which makes it similar to a regular car loan. The loan will have interest charges and fees associated with it, which is similar to almost every other type of loan that you could apply for. However, you will not make a series of monthly payments in order to repay the title loan to us. Instead, one loan payment that is for the full outstanding balance will be made to us. This payment usually is due within a few weeks, but the exact due date will be provided to you up-front.

While many loan programs have a long application process, title loans from Kenosha Title Lending may be approved and funded quickly. Within a couple of days or less after we receive the completed loan application, we will have a decision about approval ready for you. You can choose to approve of our terms or to pass on them. Once you have given your consent, the funds will be transferred to your preferred bank account for immediate use.

You can see that title loans in and near Kenosha, WI are a wonderful solution for local residents who are facing a serious financial issue and who do not have time to wait for a regular loan to go through. You can also see that our team to Kenosha Title Lending is committed to helping you through all stages of the loan experience so that you can more easily and quickly obtain the money that you need. Feel free to contact us directly with questions, or complete the application on our website to begin the loan process.



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If you urgently need cash without delay, you may not think that applying for a loan is a reasonable idea. After all, many loan processes can take many long days or weeks to complete, and this is time that you do not have. Applying for title loans Kenosha through our company only requires a few minutes of your time, and this is because our application is brief and easy to complete. We require you to provide us with a minimal amount of supporting documentation to finalize the loan request. Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that the entire process from start to finish may be completed within a few short days.

More than that, we have very easy lending requirements for our approved applicants to meet. Specifically, we are one of the few lenders that do not require you to have a certain credit score to qualify for our loan program. A car title loan is a type of financing that has a very short term and that is secured by the applicant’s car. When you apply, we will confirm that you are at least 18 years old and that you have a sound way to get money required to repay the loan. We will also review details about your car, such as its available equity, its title history and its current ownership, to determine if it is acceptable to use as collateral. These are the primary requirements that we are concerned about. Because they are minimal, you can see that we are able to approve many of our local residents’ applications. If you are ready to determine with certainty if you qualify and what your title loan terms may be, complete our online application today.